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Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Kevin Eubanks and Eric Harland


The collaborative nature of jazz makes the idea of super groups almost commonplace. So, when a group comes along with such a distinct identity and history, it is always worth a close listen. Dave Holland stands among the giants of jazz bass, having worked with everyone from Miles Davis to Roy Haynes. Chris Potter is a saxophonist whose powerful playing is matched only by his progressive spirit. Kevin Eubanks spins funky, far-reaching guitar lines. And Eric Harland is a globetrotting rhythmic superpower, innovating with taste and precision.


The commander-in-chief of a first rate, cutting edge group has to be everything: creative genius and effective entrepreneur, power player and diplomat...few current leaders exemplify the role as well as bassist Dave Holland.




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Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 8:00pm

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