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Danilo Brito

A mandolin virtuoso and composer, the supremely gifted Danilo Brito explores the unique cultural tradition of choro music from his native Brazil. With 19th-century origins, choro is an instrumental form marked by virtuosity, improvisation, syncopation and counterpoint. It’s considered by many the first Brazilian genre of popular music. A child prodigy, Brito did not take formal lessons until age 12 and still retains much of the natural expressionism he developed as a child playing rodas de choro (Brazilian jam sessions).


Supremely gifted.

                                                                                                 —Mandolin Magazine



Event Info

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 8:00pm
Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 8:00pm
Friday, March 24, 2017 - 8:00pm
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 8:00pm

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