Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Recommended for grades 4–12

Mondavi Center School Matinee Program

Grace meets physical agility to create movement that is as lyrical as it is astonishing.

—The Oregonian

Pilobolus (crystallinus) is a sun-loving fungus that grows in barnyards and pastures. It’s a feisty thing—only 1/4 inch tall—that can throw its spores nearly eight feet. It is also a highly unusual dance company that recently marked its 40th year of evolution. Germinated in the fertile soil of a Dartmouth College dance class in 1971, Pilobolus Dance Theatre remains a deeply committed collaborative effort with three artistic directors and over 25 full- and part-time dancers contributing to one of the most popular and varied bodies of work in the history of the field.

2012-13 School Matinee Order Form (PDF)

These study guides provide background information on the artists and art form and are intended to help teachers prepare their students for the school matinee that they will attend at the Mondavi Center.

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Mon • Feb 25, 2013 • 11AM

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Jackson Hall


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