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November 5, 2020


By: Grant Schrader


Through quarantine 

I've learned some Esperanto,  


how not to make a sourdough starter.  


But I've also floundered my way  

through maintaining a Kombucha SCOBY 

though my attempts always fail,  

for whatever reason that may be.  


Two houses we've called home to 

during this impromptu 

Self Societal Separation.  

Over time, things went wrong.  

In gouts of flame  


I'd imagined our new home would be  

so again we found reason to leave.  

A hasty exit.  

Things packed quick.  


We left to where 

we would see old familiar bricks.  

It's safe now, apparently,  

though filled with smoke the sky may be.  

We're back now, and in the swing of things again,  

so I return anew to putting paper to pen.  

With everything that's happened,  

I have to laugh now and again,  

because I know that I'd cry if I didn't grin. 

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