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April 8, 2019

Focus on Film

Don RothEvery January finds our programming team in New York City for the annual Arts Presenters Conference, putting the final touches on the upcoming season – and getting a number of our bigger programs lined up for 2 or 3 years down the road.  I usually try and sneak into town a few days early, to reconnect with my hometown roots, see a museum show or opera or two, and almost always to check out one of the indie film theaters to catch a worthy flic.  Very often that turns out to be a film that you will see at a “Focus on Film” screening, often a film that may have passed our region by during its wider release.  Such a film is In the Fade.  

As you know from this year’s series devoted to his films, I think the German Director Fatih Akin is a leading light in today’s world cinema.  Until In the Fade opened in 2017, I thought that Edge of Heaven, which we screened last fall, was his masterpiece.  Now I am not so sure – and indeed In the Fade walked away with a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018. 

In the FadeThis film concludes our "Focus on Film" series for this season, with a 2pm matinee on April 28th.  This is a very, very intense and dark film, and one that is, perhaps unfortunately, very much of this moment in time.  It grapples with Islamophobia, resentments against immigrants, terrorism, and neo-Nazis. Viewing In the Fade will be one of those times in the theater that is provocative and stimulating, moving and intense, and I think, in some ways, uplifting, but quite bleak as well.  I very much hope you will see it and that it will strike you as deeply as it resonated with me – but do come prepared for a level of intensity that comes out of the art of a deeply committed and passionate director and cast.

This is a free event but requires tickets. For more information and to reserve tickets, CLICK HERE.