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September 4, 2019

The Mondavi Center staff is a diverse team with many interests, but all of us share a passion for the performing arts. As we look forward to the 2019-20 season, we'll be posting videos featuring staff members talking about the three shows they are most looking forward to seeing next season.

Below, Jose Espinoza, Lead Student Ticketing Agent, shares his top three picks and why he chose them.

Throughout my first year working for Mondavi, I have been amazed by all of the artists that come through our halls and offer performances. As a Riverside native, I grew up with a mixture of Latino and American culture shaping my everyday life and my personality. Due to this, I grew up with a lot of Spanish classical music playing on the weekends, but modern American comedies shaping my humor. And dancing was always something that my family enjoyed, no matter the type. The more interesting and new the style, the better. This, I feel, is what influences my picks over all. 

Lila Downs: Día De Muertos: Al Chile

Lila DownsLatino roots are big for me. I grew up speaking Spanish at home and practicing a lot of different superstitions. Culture was always emphasized since it is possible to lose yourself when you move to a new place that isn’t too fond of your roots. When I found out Lila Downs was coming, I became ecstatic. Not only does her style match a lot of the music I would listen to with my parents growing up, but since it is for El Dia de los Muertos, I will get to see altars. Having created my own with my mom before, I am excited to attend the show with my mom and reminisce about the altars we have built for her grandpa Papa Fide. 

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte CarloEver since I first learned what Les Ballet Trockadero consisted of, I have not stopped feeling excited for it. Nothing better than a group of men showing off their skills with what I consider to be the hardest dancing style: ballet. They’re out there doing things I could never even dream of. It's fascinating. 


Napoleon Dynamite Live!

Napoleon Dynamite Live!Finally, as a throwback to my childhood I am more than happy that we are going to have a Q&A with the cast of Napoleon Dynamite after a viewing of the film. From Napoleon yelling at Tina to Uncle Rico’s weirdness, the movie was just funny. Being a preteen and watching the movie really exposed me to awkward comedy, which to this day, is still my favorite type of comedy to watch.