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November 12, 2020

My Obsession with Work

By: Lucía Félix-Palomares 

Lucia Felix Heashot

How have I been creative these days? 

My obsession with work: images from two different days. 

Lucía Félix-Palomares 

September 19, 2020 

Being at home all day has made me feel my emotions intensely. I started drawing to take them out of my system and see them with my own eyes. Sometimes, just looking at the image makes me calmer and relieved. When I look back at them, I understand myself a little better. It becomes easier to accept feelings that come by.  

There was a Saturday night I couldn’t take work out of my head. The air quality was very bad, and I couldn’t go for a bike ride to disconnect. My eyes were tired from working on my laptop all day that I didn’t even feel like watching TV, so I decided to draw how I was feeling:

 Lucia Felix 1

A Tuesday morning, while trying to start working, I was stressed and anxious. I was looking at the time constantly, obsessing myself about every hour that passed by and how I had accomplished nothing. I couldn’t focus. I breathed and made myself a tea. I started thinking about “Momo”, a book I read recently. The book mentions that just like our ears listen and our noses smell, our heart’s purpose is to feel time. We sense time by how our actions happen. I thought if I stopped counting every hour and started experiencing (whatever that means), maybe that day could be more interesting, and time would become something different. I decided I would test the hypothesis and asked myself: how would this day change if I put my heart in everything I do today?  

That night, after accomplishing a few things and without knowing exactly what I changed, I felt like this: 

Lucia Felix 2

Drawing, and avoiding the news every other day, has made some days enjoyable.