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October 2, 2018

Donna J. Flor
Production Manager
Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts

In “The Load-Out,” Jackson Browne sings about traveling from town to town and the crews who set up and take down the gear for each show. Although the Mondavi Center maintains a large inventory of stage equipment, a lot of performers prefer to bring specific items for their shows. How they move their stuff is as varied as the artists’ performances.

Below are some photos of what we’ve seen out in our loading dock recently. The Compañía Nacional de Danza needed a cargo container to bring their sets and costumes over from Spain when they performed here last March. Lyle Lovett used two tractors with 53' trailers to haul his touring equipment here overnight from Salt Lake City. And the Punch Brothers only needed a small trailer that was towed by their bus, while other performers just need vans to get their gear to Davis.

As Jackson sings:

“….When that morning sun comes beating down

You’re going to wake up in your town

But we’ll be scheduled to appear

A thousand miles away from here.”

Trucks, buses, and vans ensure that their equipment also makes it to the next town where they’re scheduled to appear.


Lyle Lovett and his Large Band used two 53' semi trailers.

Lyle Lovett Trucks


The Compañía Nacional de Danza cargo container

Compania de Danza shipping container

Punch Brothers trailer

Punch Brothers Trailer