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March 27, 2019

What is “jazz”? 

And why is it important? 

We sought answers to this seemingly unanswerable question from two perspectives (Marcus Crowder, arts and culture critic and writer, and Jeremy Ganter, Mondavi Center’s Director of Programming), and shared their responses in the inaugural issue of our Gateway magazine.  

Marcus Crowder’s piece includes an interview with Vijay Iyer, who brings his sextet to the Mondavi Center in May. Of the word “jazz,” Vijay says, “Like any genre term, it only serves to separate people. When we talk about styles of music, we’re actually talking about human beings.” 

Click the Gateway image below to read the full article, including Crowder’s interview with Iyer, online. 

Gateway Magazine Cover

The Vijay Iyer Sextet performs at the Mondavi Center on May 7, 2019. For more information and tickets, click HERE.