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Calidanza Mexican Dance and Music

Recommended for grades K-6

A solo dancer from Calidanza is shown wearing a traditional Michoacan dress that is vibrantly colored.  She is smiling and holding up one edge of the dress.



















A dynamic California-based Mexican dance company, Calidanza performs the unique dances and music of Mexico in four separate 20-minute videos, which can be shown in any order. Introductions are in Spanish and English and include insights into the performing arts.

Additional short videos with activities and behind-the-scenes content allow students to explore the folklórico art form in more detail.

Performance Videos

Video Performance # 1: Celebrations in Veracruz: Celebrations in Veracruz with La Rama and La Bamba
dance, Meet the Musicians, and La Piñata (20:53 min)


Video Performance # 2: Aztec Dances and Dances from Michoacán: Re-imagined dances of the ancient Aztec culture and dances from the state of Michoacán (24:02 min)


Video Performance # 3:  Dances from Oaxaca and Guerrero: Dances and music from the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero (18:56 min)

Video Performance #4:  Dances from Sinaloa and Jalisco: Colorful dances from the states of Sinaloa and Jalisco, known for its Mariachi music and the rapid, rhythmic footwork in its dances (21:37 min)


INSIGHTS - Behinds the scenes

Meet Calidanza: Meet the dancers, singers, musicians, and their musical instruments.  (8:59 min) In English and Spanish


Costume Room: A tour of the Calidanza costume room. (4:53 min)

Hair styles: The intricate process of preparing the women's hair for a show, in English and Spanish. (4:04 min)


Mariachi Music: Intro and performance by student ensemble, the Mariachi Cantares de Mi Tierra de Luther Burbank Center for the Arts from Santa Rosa, California. (3:11 min)


ACTIVITIES - Designed for students to do on their own (some require adult supervision)

Let’s Dance (in English and Spanish)

1. Warm Up-Stretch (6:55 min)


2. Aztec Part 1-Drumming (4:44 min)

3. Aztec Part 2-Dancing (9:21 min)


4. Zapateado dance (4:23 min)

Let’s Sing

1. Use your voice (all English version) (3:54 min)


2. Usa tu voz (all Spanish version) (2:27 min)


3. Learn De Colores (4:02 min)


4. Do a grito (shout) (all English version) (2:09 min)


5. Hacemos un grito (all Spanish version) (2:52 min)


Let’s Create (in English and Spanish)

1. Make a flor (paper flower) Adult supervision and materials needed. (5:21 min)


2. Make papel picado (cut paper decoration/banner) Adult supervision and materials needed. (10:16 min)


Study Guide PDF 

Study Guide Google Slides


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