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Malpaso Dance Company

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 7:00pm

In the few short years since its establishment in 2012, Malpaso Dance Company has already become one of the most sought-after Cuban dance groups, with a growing international profile. Emphasizing a collaborative creative process, Malpaso is committed to working with top international choreographers while also nurturing new voices in Cuban choreography. The company is led by its original three founders: resident choreographer and Artistic Director Osnel Delgado, Executive Director Fernando Sáez, and dancer and co-founder Daileidys Carrazana. Malpaso—together with The Joyce Theater, New York’s preeminent dance presenter—has commissioned original works from a number of prominent North American and international choreographers, including Indomitable Waltz by Aszure Barton, Tabula Rasa by Ohad Nahrin and Ocaso by Osnel Delgado, all three of which will be presented in the company’s Mondavi Center debut.



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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 7:00pm
Jackson Hall

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  • Simon and Merrilee Engel

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