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UC Davis Music Department

Choruses of UC Davis: “An American Holiday”

Nicolás Dosman, director

Friday, December 8, 2023


Jackson Hall

a chorus of students stand on stage singing with music books open

Tickets from: $24.00

With the guest ensemble Alturas Duo, the Choruses of UC Davis and Nicolás Dosman bring the rhythms and holiday vocal traditions of the Americas (both Southern America and Northern America) to Davis. Works include Navidad Nuestra by Ariel Ramírez (an Andean influenced folk telling of the nativity story), Aaron Copland’s Zion’s Walls (drawn from Appalachian America’s hymnal traditions), and Abreme la Puerta (a traditional Christmastime song from Puerto Rico).

featuring Alturas Duo

Scott Hill, guitar
Carlos Boltes, churrango and viola
Gonzalo Cortés, Andean woodwinds

Program List

  • Hold Out Your Light

    Albert McNeil

  • Gloria Fanfare

    Jeffrey Ames

  • Albricias Mortales

    Manuel de Sumaya

  • Abreme La Puerta

    Cristian Grases

  • In The Bleak Midwinter

    Andrea Ramsey

  • Adon Olam

    Kenneth Lampl

  • Zion’s Walls

    Aaron Copland

  • Alshlosha D’Varim

    Allan Naplan

  • Festejo de Navidad

    Herbert Bittrich

  • Navidad Nuestra

    Ariel Ramirez

Artist Bios