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Curriculum Connections

Each year, UC Davis students attend Mondavi Center presentations through the Curriculum Connections program. Curriculum Connections provides $5 student tickets when a Mondavi Center event is assigned in a UC Davis course.

With performances in music, dance, theater, film and speakers, faculty members from many fields can find a presentation to enrich the content of their courses. Explore this season’s offerings here.

Many UC Davis Faculty members have used Curriculum Connections to support their course work and to expose students to leading artists and speakers from around the world.

Faculty and teaching assistants who have a class attending a Mondavi Center Presenting Program performance through Curriculum Connections may each receive a single complimentary ticket for the same performance.

If you plan to incorporate a Mondavi Center performance into your course, please submit your request via this online form.

Please keep in mind:

  • Ticket quantities are limited and are based upon availability.
  • Once we confirm that tickets are available, we will issue vouchers that can be redeemed for tickets.
  • Vouchers are for use by students in the class only. One ticket per student in the class is guaranteed for purchase at $5 only until the redemption deadline assigned upon approval of request.
  • Tickets must be purchased in person at the Mondavi Center Ticket Office, and a student ID must be provided with the ticket voucher.
  • You will be asked to email us your class syllabus for our records.

Thank you for considering Curriculum Connections.


The Curriculum Connections program has at times perfectly complemented my course syllabi and provided my students with interesting and exciting opportunities to experience course content beyond the realm of the classroom. It lives up to its name by facilitating a more expansive university experience for students and faculty, all seamlessly meeting at the intersection of the UC Davis classroom and the Mondavi Center.

—Elisa Joy White, PhD, Associate Professor, African American and African Studies

The Curriculum Connections program has enlivened my syllabi, enlightened myself and my students, and invigorated the learning process for all of us as a community.  I’m grateful for it!

—Larry Bogard, Professor of Theatre & Dance


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