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Know Before You Go

venue lobby during a show with patrons mingling about


We offer special accommodations for our patrons with disabilities. For more information on accessibility, including seating, listening devices, sign language interpreting, Braille programs, service dogs and other accommodations visit our accessibility page.

Arrival Times

The Yocha DeHe Grand Lobby opens one hour before the event time. We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. We aim for every show to start on time!

Bag Check

Our floor-based air-circulation system and fire code regulations require that we check all bags over 8.5” x 11”. The complimentary bag check is located at the north end of the Yocha DeHe Grand Lobby.  All bags may be subject to search. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Drinks, including alcoholic beverages, and light snacks will be available for purchase before most events. Drinks are allowed into the hall for all events. All food must be consumed in the lobby.

Digital Devices

During performances, we encourage our audiences to fully engage with the work on stage. While you’re welcome to take pictures before and after the show, during events please silence and stow all your digital devices.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zone

For those needing easy access, a passenger zone is available in front of the Mondavi Center building on the west side of Mrak Hall Drive. Vehicles must circle Alumni Lane or proceed around the traffic circle at the end of Mrak Hall Lane to pull into the loading zone.


We love welcoming families at events! Parents, please determine if your kids can sit quietly for the duration of the performance. If you do find yourself with a restless young one, the lobby has multiple monitors on which parents can watch the event. All patrons must be ticketed, regardless of age.

Late Seating

In order to limit distractions to the artists and audience, latecomers will be seated at an appropriate pause in the program or at intermission. For events without an intermission, you will be seated at an appropriate interval at the discretion of the house manager; in some situations, this can mean being given an alternate seat for the entirety of the event.

Parking & Directions

Paid event parking is required on the UC Davis campus. Find more information about parking and directions.


We offer printed and mobile tickets. You can access your mobile tickets by logging into your account. Mobile Tickets will be scanned directly from your mobile device upon entering the hall. Please make sure phones are in light mode for easy scanning.

First time visit? We’ve got you covered!

Attend a show like a pro by checking out everything you’ll need to know to attend your first performance!

What to Wear

We don’t have a dress code: we welcome everyone as they are. On any given night, you’ll see a wide range of clothes, from casual fits to formalwear, and a lot of stylish points in between! That said, if you’re looking for an excuse to put on your favorite outfit, a night at the Mondavi Center is a great time and place to do so.

To Clap or not to Clap

If you’re attending a classical performance, you might notice that the audience doesn’t always clap when a piece ends. That’s because there are some more recent “traditions” that say you should only clap at the end of a full piece, not in between movements.

Our advice — if a performance moves you to applaud, you should do so!

Pro Tip: Don’t want to stand out? You can follow along in your program to see how the music is listed and how many movements there are or watch your fellow audience members to see when to applaud.

Phone and Photo Etiquette

We encourage our audiences to put down their devices and engage with the amazing artists and thinkers onstage. But, we get it, snapping a pic of a favorite performer is often too hard to resist. Keep in mind that some artists require that no photos be taken, while others welcome it. Please check the lobby or stage screen before the event and follow the guidelines!

If the performance allows photos, here are some tips for respectfully getting your shot.

  • Make sure your flash is turned off before the show starts

  • Turn your screen brightness down as far as possible

  • Keep the phone in front of your head, so it doesn’t block anyone else’s view

  • Get your shot quickly and put your phone away

  • Capture pictures at the end of the performance, while the artists take their bows.