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Friends of Mondavi Center

Friends of Mondavi Center is a dedicated donor-based organization of arts-loving volunteers whose purpose is to assist the Mondavi Center’s presenting program with education, outreach, fundraising, and audience development. Friends engage in a variety of activities that support these programs and annually contribute thousands of hours and raise thousands of dollars to benefit Mondavi Center Arts Education.

Friends provide an invaluable link to the Sacramento region as they represent the Mondavi Center, the region’s premier performing arts venue. When you join Friends of Mondavi Center, you choose the activities which you prefer and the commitment level that best suits you.  In addition, you work with other Friends who share your interests.

Friends of Mondavi official website

Contact Us

To connect with a fellow Friend and for more information, please email:

How To Become A Friend

  • Donate a minimum of $125 to the Mondavi Center Annual Fund here.

  • Check the box “I would like to become a Friend of the Mondavi Center” on the donation page

Activities & Programs


The Friends Events Committee organizes several events throughout the year and the Membership Committee fosters stewardship and mentoring for new members with a variety of activities throughout the year.


The Audience Enrichment Committee focuses on communication with the adult community. The goal is to provide community outreach so that more people are aware of the vast array of performance arts that occur at the Mondavi Center each season.  In addition, the committee wants to make community members aware of the educational activities that are held within the framework of the Mondavi Center and presented by the Friends of Mondavi Center.

School Matinee Support


A primary focus of the School Outreach Committee is to administer funds raised at Friends Events for the School Matinee Ticket Program. Annually, the committee selects a school district and specified school programs to receive tickets to a Mondavi Center school matinee. Many of these students may not otherwise have an opportunity to attend a performance at the Mondavi Center. These schools are chosen based on an application process that ensures the principals’ support.


Docents travel to area schools to present Pre-matinee Classroom Talks for selected Mondavi Center School Matinees. A week or two before the matinee, students receive a thirty-minute classroom talk from a docent who provides cultural, biographical and historical information about the performers and art form of the matinee that they will be seeing.  Information about how to schedule a talk is sent to teachers who purchase tickets for these matinees.


Docent guide writers research information and write guides for the docents to use in the preparation of the Pre-matinee Classroom Talks. The information that they gather heightens the matinee experience for hundreds of children each year.


Ushers are present at every school matinee performance. They greet and help the students and teachers to their seats and provide general assistance. Our ushers take great pleasure in welcoming young audiences to the Mondavi Center.