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Artistic Ventures Fund

The Artistic Ventures Fund (AVF) was established during the Mondavi Center’s 10th season and was designed to help ensure innovative programing and community impact. This Artistic Ventures Fund functions as a quasi-endowment fund, providing the stability of an endowment but the flexibility to provide resources for exceptional projects, when needed.

AVF supports the Mondavi Center in four types of projects:

Great Company:

Engaging some of the world’s greatest artists and companies whose fees stretch beyond the reach of our normal income streams.

Inviting Innovation:

Partnering with leading artists to invest in innovative work and groundbreaking formats, a critical park of MC’s charge to explore new and unusual directions in the arts.

Reaching Out with Residency:

Creating residencies with major dance, music and theatre companies and artists.

Opening the Arts to All:

The AVF helps to underwrite the cost of special arts projects which can be offered free or at very low cost to the public.


To find out more about The Artistic Ventures Fund please contact Michael D. Weagraff at 530.752.7354.