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The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts depends on volunteer ushers from the community to assist in offering patrons the finest performing arts experience.

Mondavi Center looks for volunteer ushers who possess a genuine willingness to serve, demonstrate a high level of care and respect, and display impeccable courtesy and graciousness towards all patrons. A professional demeanor and punctuality in all assignments are a must for all volunteer ushers.

If you are interested in joining Mondavi Center's volunteer usher pool, please download and fill out the volunteer application form and mail or fax it to the Mondavi Center Front of House office. After your application form is received, you will be contacted by Mondavi Center staff for a brief interview. Upon acceptance, you will be invited to attend a mandatory volunteer orientation. You must submit an application and be screened by Mondavi Center before attending the orientation.

Please note: ushering is often physically demanding and may require long periods of standing and negotiating stairs. If this presents a problem for you, we suggest you consider an alternative area of service that will be more comfortable.

Thank you again for interest in volunteering at the Mondavi Center.

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